A pretty good free online whiteboard.

“Great job!! Best free tool out there - love it!”
-Anonymous user

“This is *really* solid. Wow!”
-Jeremiah Reid, Critically Acclaimed Indie Game Developer

Browserboard allows groups to draw together on a shared whiteboard. Use pens, highlighters, sticky notes, arrows, and more to share your ideas or just have fun. All features of Browserboard are free without ads. User accounts are not required to create or participate in whiteboards.

Draw Together

Browserboard works great for creating a drawing in a group of any size. Its infinite canvas lets you expand as far as you want, and its instant updates let you see what everyone else is doing. The interface is easy enough for kids to use, so your whole family can do a fun activity together.

Play Games

If you can play it on a piece of paper, you can play it on Browserboard. Hangman and Paper Telephone are classics, but you can also try out more sophisticated games like Ex Novo or The Quiet Year.

Teach and Learn

Browserboard comes with natural, flexible tools that fit common styles of whiteboard-based distance learning. It doesn't require students to create accounts in order to participate; you can just post a link for them to click and instantly be in the right place.


Design jam sessions, software engineering discussions, brainstorms, and more are possible with Browserboard’s extensive set of tools. If you create an account, you can keep your boards around indefinitely.

Browserboard’s Features

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