Comparison of NoteBookCast and Browserboard

Browserboard is a free alternative to NoteBookCast without ads.

To request a feature, please send us a note through our feedback form. We're improving Browserboard very quickly and we use your feedback to set our priorities.

NoteBookCast Browserboard
Infinite canvas ∞
Fullscreen mode 🔎
Templates 📘
Ads 👿
No account required 🕵️‍♂️
Unlimited free collaborators 👥
High-res PNG image export 🌇
Smooth line drawing 🖌
Eraser 🧯
Selection tool 🔲
Simple text 📑
Rich text 📜
Lots of colors 🎨
Shapes 🟢
Transparent marker 🖍
Simple arrows ↗
Sticky notes 📝
Image uploads 🏞
PDF uploads 📑