Feature roadmap

Browserboard is just getting started. This page lists upcoming work and rough timelines.


Browserboard should be usable by normal humans, but it hasn't been stress-tested.

There are likely to be performance problems on large drawings or with many simultaneous users, but we won't know until we find out! Please email support@browserboard.com if you notice an issue, and be patient with us as we keep working on the app.

We would love it if you could send us some feedback, especially if Browserboard is missing a specific feature that prevents it from meeting your needs.


  • Basic shapes
  • Efficient, smooth drawing
  • Live updates across all clients
  • Selection tool
    • Single-select
    • Multi-select
    • Delete selection
  • Delete all
  • Undo/redo (done)
  • Selection tool improvements
  • Text tool


  • UI affordances and performance improvements to make drawing easy for everyone
  • Edit shape colors and stroke width after drawing them
  • Image import
  • Image export
  • Create and copy templates